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Vinnie's Tampon Cases
Vinnie's cool, silk screened, canvas tampon cases totally rock! The cases fit in your back pocket and come with a handy peroid chart. Vinnie has a Web site www.tamponcase.com I suggest you go there immediately.

Everwoman's Calendar
Everwoman's Calendar is an illustrated full color, 11X17-inch poster and menstrual chart. www.everwomanscalendar.com

Under Wraps    A film about going with the flow
Under Wraps is a candid look at personal, cultural and artistic viewpoints of menstruation through the ages. The film visits several artistic exhibitions dealing with menstruation to begin exploring the affect that this bodily function has on business and the environment. It also looks at the evolution of tampons, their link to Toxic Shock Syndrome and the effect of this disease on the women it afflicted.
Visit the Under Wraps Web site.

Some other helpful websites for women.

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